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Org Community Suggestions

Community Suggestions aggregated at the organisation level
As mentioned in Setup your first Space, Community Suggestions are a great way to give a voice to your community and understand what their needs are.
With the Community Suggestions page at the organisation level, you can see an aggregated list of all the Community Suggestions from all Spaces/Projects. This way it's easy to view, search, track and manage suggestions & proposals in a central place.
By default you will see two tabs under the Community Suggestions page:
  • Trending: A list of all suggestions ordered by the number of votes received for each
  • Recent: A list of all suggested ordered from latest to oldest
Note: You can add more views to your page when you follow the steps mentioned in Create Templates for Community Suggestions
View all community suggestions across you spaces and projects on one page

Add a Community Suggestion

Contributors can also add suggestions & proposals from the org level page.
Step 1: Click Add a suggestion at the top right corner and select the space/project you want to add the suggestion to (including nested spaces/projects)
Click Add a suggestion to get started
Step 2: Fill in the title and details of the suggestion and click Create
Enter your details and click Create
Your suggestion will now have been created and you can share it so others to up vote it.
The suggestion is now created and can be voted on!

Accept a Community Suggestion

If a suggestion or proposal proves valuable, Managers and DAO Admins can click the Accept button and move the suggestion to the space/project it is part of and start working on it.
Note: Once you click Accept you can also use the Add a tip button to customise a reward for the person who shared the suggestion or proposal, or choose to Continue Without.
Managers can Accept suggestions to start working on it, and even add a tip.
If you choose to add a tip, you will be presented with a prompt to select the preferred token and add the amount you would like to reward the suggestion or proposal creator.
Note: If you have not added a token + network before, you can follow the steps noted on Creating your first bountybefore proceeding.
Set the token and amount for your tip
Once accepted, the task will show up on the space/project under To Do status with the default task permission. If a tip was added, a tip sub-task assigned to the creator will also be created and show up under the Done status for payment.
The suggestion will be moved to the space/project and have all features of a regular task

Integrate Community Suggestions with Discord

Step 1: When you open the detail view of a Community Suggestion you will also see a button to Discuss the suggestion or proposal.
If you haven't already followed Connecting to Discord, it will prompt you to Connect. Otherwise you can proceed to Step 4 below.
Tip: We recommend setting up the Discord integration before making a call for suggestions or proposals so that they can be richly updated & discussed directly in your Discord.
Click on Discuss to have a conversation about the suggestion on Discord
Step 2a: You will land on the Discord Integration settings page for your Space/Project and can setup which channels you'd like to use for your community suggestions.
Setup the Discord Integration
Step 3b: Follow the directions listed in Connecting to Discord to connect a Discord channel to Dework and receive an update everytime a new community suggestion is created
Add a connection to a Discord channel for suggestion alerts
Step 3c: Follow the directions listed in Connecting to Discord to connect a Discord channel to Dework and create a thread to discuss the suggestions.
Add a connection to the same Discord channel to have threads attached to new suggestions
Step 4: If your Discord integration is setup correctly, you will see options to discuss the suggestion via Discord Web and Discord App (with a handy Save as Default checkbox you can click on first to save your choice for next time)
Once the integration is setup you can directly go to Discord thread from the suggestion
In your Discord, you will now see rich updates when a suggestion is created, along with links to Upvote or Learn More that take the user to Dework. There will also be threads connected to it which is great for discussing it, especially for feedback & follow-ups after it is accepted and being worked on.
With the Discord integrations turned on you'll get a neat suggestion + thread combo

Create Templates for Community Suggestions

To streamline and better organise the suggestions you receive, create templates that users can select when creating a suggestion.
Note: Creating a template also adds new views to the Community Suggestions page so it's easy to drill-down to specific types of suggestions.
Step 1: Go to your Space/Project settings menu via ⚙️ and click on Templates. Then, under Suggestion Templates, click on New Template.
Go to the Templates section under Settings to create a new template
Step 2: You will see a pop-up where you can fill in the template name, and also description prompts you would like contributors to fill out as part of this template.
Enter the template name and descriptions prompts you want contributors to follow
Step 3: After filling in the details click on Save Template.
Clck Save Template to create it
You will now see the the new template listed under Suggestion Templates in your space/project settings, with options to Create task from template, Edit and Delete.
Your template will now be listed under settings, with simple actions linked to it

Use a Template for your suggestion

Step 1: Click on Add a Suggestion at the top-right of the page
Click Add a suggestion
Step 2: In the pop-up that appears, click on Template in the top-left corner and select the template you would like to use
Select the template from the top-left button
Step 3: You will now see the template details pre-filled in your suggestion. Update the title and fill in the prompts provided in the description, and then click Create.
Fill in the details as per the prompts and click create
You will see your newly created suggestion added to the page, with a tag that shows the template that was used. It will also show up under the specific view for that template.
Your suggestion will show up on the page and under its respective template view