Dework Docs

Wallet Connect

Sign in to Dework on your mobile with your supported wallet app
Step 1: After clicking Connect on Dework app, choose Wallet Connect, then click Connect in the pop-up window that appears
Note: Make sure the right wallet is active in your wallet app before clicking Connect
Click Connect on the Wallet Connect pop-up
Step 2: Select the supported app you'd like to sign in with via Wallet Connect
Select the supported wallet app
Step 3: Click Connect in the wallet app to connect the active wallet to Dework first
Click Connect in the wallet app
Step 4: Click Sign in your wallet app to sign the message & login to Dework with the chosen wallet
Note: This step has to be done in your wallet app. If you got sent to your mobile browser after Step 3, then return to the wallet app to sign the message & login.
Click Sign in the wallet app
You will now be connected to Dework and can proceed to Getting started on Deworkas an org or Browsing DAOs on Dework as a contributor!