🦸Setup your first Space

This will help you understand how to utilise the key Dework features


Spaces are containers for projects, tasks & bounties. They provide a glanceable view for all the work related to a single topic. Everything your team and community need to track and contribute to that topic can be housed in a space and divided into projects below it.

Additionally, you can set your workspace to either be a Space or Project by going to Settings > General

  • Space: Acts as a general-purpose container for your tasks & bounties, and is best suited for teams, depts, guilds, pods etc.

  • Project: A great fit for work that is aimed at a specific goal and can have a timeline & budget

Board view

Using the efficient Kanban board layout, you can create and move tasks in any of 4 default columns: To Do, In Progress, In Review, and Done.

You can use the menu at the top of any column to add sections within the column. Then you can shift a task between custom stages/steps of To Do, In Progress etc.

Filter & Sort

When you click on the settings icon next to the name of the view, you can filter by:

  1. Tags

  2. Assignees

  3. Priority

  4. Reviewer

  5. Discord Roles

  6. Skills

  7. Templates

You can also sort by:

  1. Custom (drag-n-drop)

  2. Priority

  3. Due Date

  4. Creation Date

  5. Bounty

Additionally, you can change the layout (Board, List, Grid), update which fields are visible for the view and choose to save the view customisations for everyone, as well.

Note: Details and examples of using these options are covered later in Task Views

Open Tasks view

This tab will list unassigned tasks in To Do status using a vertical list that is easy to scroll and best for quick filtering

Refer to Task Viewsto learn more about community suggestions and also about adding a new view


This provides a helpful view of key aspects of your space including:

  • About - Maps who the key members are and features a description area for key information. The input area supports markdown formatting, has a rich-formatting menu accessed via the / command, and supports image drag-and-drop

  • Spaces - Nested spaces and projects will be listed here as they are created

  • Open Tasks - Tasks from the To Do status of the space, and nested spaces/projects, will get listed here for easy pick-up by contributors

  • Activity Feed - Allows you to provide updates to your community or team, via Discord as well

Share helpful information in the About section to ease onboarding, clarity of process, who are the PoCs and channels for communication


This is where you can connect Dework with other platforms to automatically sync information and keep your community up to date no matter where the work is getting done. By default it will take you to the Discord setup page, but you can easily navigate to the GitHub section via the Settings menu list.

As of now we support the following integrations for spaces:

  • Discord: You can connect Dework to your organisation's Discord server which will add our Dework bot and help update the server about new tasks, applications, submissions and task completion. More information on Connecting to Discord

  • GitHub: You can connect Dework to your GitHub repo and automatically sync issues and updates, as well as see live status updates from GitHub directly in the task cards. More information on GitHub

  • Notion: You can connect a Space to Notion database(s) to enable the creation of bounties right from Notion tasks and track/pay them in Dework. More information on Notion


You can access the permissions of any space in your organisation via the Access & Permissions button at the top right corner of the space

Note: More information on setting these up can be found on Permissions

This will redirect you to the Permissions section of the space settings where you'll be able to set


Accessible via the settings icon next to the name of the Space, it allows you to update the following options:

  1. General - Update the name, enable Community Suggestions and export all data via CSV

  2. Discord Integration - Extend your Discord server with Dework to improve collaboration

  3. GitHub Integration - Sync your tasks with GitHub issues to allow better management

  4. Permissions - Adjust permissions to match your needs across management and autonomy

  5. Templates - Create templates to simplify creation of repeated task types

  6. Payments - Add payment methods to be used for task rewards

  7. Token Gating - Gate your space and projects below via ERC20, 721 and 1155 tokens

  8. Manage - here you can delete your space if it's no longer needed

Good to know: The Main Space that gets automatically created is just one of many spaces you can have on Dework. Click on Overview at the top of the side menu to return to your organisation dashboard

As you add more tasks, and create more Spaces & Projects, your overview page will get filled out to make it easy to see your org ops in a single view

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