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Task Feed
Easily discover tasks that match your skills from DAOs you follow
Click on Task Feed in the sidebar menu to open a feed of tasks that are populated based on the DAOs you follow and the skills you added to your profile during onboarding (follow Step 2 below)
The task feed will get richer the more DAOs you follow

Get the best out of your feed

Step 1: Follow DAOs that you're interested in contributing in by clicking the Follow button at the top-right of the DAO's Overview page
Don't forget to Follow DAOs you like
Step 2: Add your skills to your Profile Settings by clicking βš™οΈ next to your name in the sidebar menu; then select your matching skills in the input field under Skills
Note: This step is only needed If you didn't add your skills to your profile during onboarding and/or it's empty under your profile settings
If you missed it during onboarding, make sure to add your Skills to your profile
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