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Managing Grants

Using Dework to promote and manage grants

Finding applicants and grants ideas

1. Sourcing grant applicants

Thousands of contributors browse our global bounty board each day which makes Dework the ideal place for promoting grants opportunities. Appearing on the front page is very easy.
If you have a list of RFPs, you can easily create tasks to represent those. These tasks will then appear on the global board.
If you have a payment range in mind, feel free to add a bounty to the task to communicate that. If you don’t, you can make the proposal “Open to bids”.
For freeform applications you can also create a task “Apply with your own proposal”

2. Plugging Dework into your existing application flow

While you can use Dework’s native application flow, this is not required and you can easily redirect applicants to your existing application flow.
When creating your RFP on Dework:
  • Make sure to select “Open to Applications” in the Permissions settings
  • Then, under “Advanced”, you can add a link to your external application form to redirect applicants
  • Once someone clicks “I’m Interested” on Dework, they will get redirect to your application form.

3. Sourcing RFPs ideas

You can use Dework’s Community Suggestions to source new grants ideas and RFPs from the community directly. In the Community Suggestions space, anyone can post and upvote ideas.
You can also create suggestions templates if you would like community members to follow a specific format when submitting RFPs ideas.
Additionally, we have a Discord integration so that you can easily discuss new grants ideas in Discord.
You can even tip suggestions authors with any on-chain token as a way to compensate them for their ideas

Managing Active Grants

1. Tracking progress and paying milestones

After approving a grant, you can create a Project in Dework and ask grantees to manage their work there. This way, tracking a grant’s progress is very straightforward: anyone from the team can visit the board at any time and see the status of the different tasks.
You can also group tasks under Milestones. Moving a Milestone to “In Review” will send you a ping in Discord and allow you to pay the milestone directly through Dework.

2. Help grantees find contributors

Once a Dework Project has been created for a grantee, they can leverage Dework to find help to complete their grant. On any task, they can add a bounty and receive applications from external contributors.
These tasks will be featured in our global bounty board, which can help find both long-term and one-time contributors, depending on the grantee's needs.

3. Community Transparency

For some organizations, transparency might be an important factor to consider. By having all active grants clearly mapped out in Dework, anyone from the community can follow each grant’s progress at any time, see where funds are spent and potentially contribute.