💵Batch Payments

Simplify your contributor payments, or just save on transaction fees


In each space on Dework you have the ability to pay bounty rewards in batches. This allows you to queue up multiple tasks for payments, rewards, contests, compensation etc. and pay them all at once for that space.

Important: Currently, you can only make batch payments using a Gnosis Safe; it's not possible with a MetaMask/Phantom/Hiro Wallet.


  • Don't pay each transaction separately; saves time

  • If using a network like Ethereum, save on the cost of transaction fees

  • You can pay multiple approved submissions for a contest all together or in batches

  • Set a schedule for payments and reduce the headache of organising Gnosis safe signers


Important: These steps must be done by a signer of the Gnosis Safe, and their MetaMask must be connected to the right acc. and network

Step 1: Queue up the tasks you want to payout within a space

Step 2: Click Batch Pay at the top of the column and you will see a prompt to setup your Gnosis payment method if you haven't already, otherwise skip to Step 6 if you only see the Batch Pay button at the top and no other Pay buttons on the completed tasks.

Step 3: Select the network you want to pay on ex. Polygon Mainnet

Important: Ensure that you're selecting the same network as the token that was set for the task bounties you queued up

Step 4: Enter the Gnosis Safe (aka Contract) address and click Connect

Step 5: It will show a success message if you are a valid signer, connected to the right MetaMask acc. and the right network. You must click Add Payment Method to confirm the connected safe.

Step 6: You'll now see a Batch Pay button at the top of the Done column with a counter for the number of tasks that will be batched in the payment

This should be done by a current signer of a Gnosis Safe attached as a payment method to ensure they can create and sign the transaction

Step 7: Once you click Batch Pay you will see a pop-up with details for the batch payment

  • Checkbox: Select or deselect tasks that you want to include in the batch

  • Profile: Name and pic of the person being paid

  • Task: Name of the task they're being paid for

  • Payment: Reward amount they will be paid

  • Total: A sum of tokens to be paid to all selected batch pay contributors

If you have more than one Gnosis Safe connected as a payment method, you can use the dropdown to select the correct one

Step 8: Click Create Transaction to trigger the batch to be sent to your Gnosis safe queue

Step 9: The final step on Dework is to sign the transaction to queue it up on your Gnosis Safe

Step 10: Then in your Gnosis Safe queue you will see a new MultiSend transaction in the queue. Follow your standard signing process and then Execute the batch transaction for the bounty rewards

Tip: If you have multiple batches queued up in Gnosis you can use the Execute Batch button at the top-right to trigger multiple queued Dework batches from diff. spaces, at the same time

Step 11: When you return to Dework you will see the tasks are now under the Processing Payment section of Dework

Once the transaction is completed on-chain, you will see the Reward section on the task pop-up will show Completed. You can also click on View on explorer to see the transaction on-chain. Note: If there are no pending transactions, you won't see the Needs Payment, Processing Payment, or Paid sections, since all transactions would be paid.

Resolve failed Gnosis Safe Batch Payment

If the transaction on Gnosis Safe failed for any reason, you can remove the connection between the task batch payment on Dework and the failed transaction by clicking Clear Transaction at the top right of the task pop-up under Reward Payment. Then you can trigger the batch payment again from Dework as done on Step 6.

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