🛠️Task Views

Edit & create new views to aid discovery, collaboration & action


By default a new project will come with 3 standard views:

  1. Board - This is the default kanban view that includes a set of columns and allows for the easiest overview of a project

  2. Open Tasks - This is a custom list view that has a set of filters applied to show available tasks

  3. Community Suggestions - This is fixed view where your community can share suggestions, vote on them and then move top ideas to Backlog or To Do for claiming

Customising Views

You can customise a view by clicking the Settings icon next to its name. You can easily edit the settings of a view by clicking on a relevant option and making a selection from the available list displayed.

Here are the options you can customise for a view:

  1. Layout - Choose between a kanban Board view or a vertical list view

  2. Filter - Select specific options across a variety of task data and elements

  3. Sort - Adjust the order of tasks to match your needs within board columns or the list

  4. Fields - You can hide/display task fields to reduce noise or increase task data visibility

  5. Include Subtasks [List layout] - This will include subtasks as part of the list view

Once you've made a change you can view the board with the update and decide if you want to Discard changes or Save for everyone so others can use it too.

The preset Open Tasks view that's provided helps your contributors easily surface available tasks that can be worked on.

Here's how the Open Tasks view has been customised to filter only the available tasks for you

Adding a New View

Apart from editing existing views, you can also add multiple new views by clicking on Add View next to Community Suggestions which will open a pop-up that you can customise as needed.

Note: Once a view has been created, you can click and drag on it to reorder the view so that it's in the preferred sequence

Here's an example new view for pending task tracking with the following options:

  • Filter for Status to only In Review and Done

  • Sorting set to Bounty and Ascending

  • Fields to be displayed set to Name, Assignees, Reward and CTA

  • Subtasks are also included

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