🪧Project Roadmap

View all your ongoing projects on a timeline


Need an easy way to communicate your DAO's plans to contributors or other team members? Now you can do just that by adding existing (or new) projects under your org's spaces to a Roadmap view! This makes it easy to be transparent about progress and keep your roadmap up to date with your spaces & tasks.

Enable the feature for your DAO, select which projects are visible on the roadmap, then adjust the start and end dates for each project on an easy to use timeline layout.

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Enabling Roadmap

Note: These steps can only be done by DAO Admins

Step 1: Visit your organisation's Settings page from the sidebar menu and make sure you're on the General section

Step 2: Toggle the checkbox next to the label Enable Project Roadmap so that it's on, and you'll immediately see the Roadmap show up in your sidebar menu

Click on Roadmap in the sidebar menu & get started with adding projects!

Using the Roadmap

Once you've turned on the feature for your organisation using the steps above, you'll be able to add existing projects, adjust their dates and even create new projects right from the Roadmap.

1. Adding Projects

When on the Roadmap for your organisation, click the Add Project button at the top right corner, and select from existing projects listed from across the spaces in your organisation.

Note: If you don't have any existing projects, you can use the Create Project button and follow the steps noted under 3. Directly Creating New Projects

You can also add an existing project to the Roadmap from the sidebar menu by clicking the ... button next to the project name, then toggling the checkbox

Additionally, you can add a project to the Roadmap from the project page itself by clicking the ⚙️ button next to the project name, then toggling the checkbox

The projects with their respective blocks on the timeline will become visible as you select them. By default, a newly added project will start from the current date and be set to 1 week.

2. Adjusting Projects

Once you've added all relevant projects to the timeline, there are a couple of actions you can use to update the project durations and change the view, as needed.

You can click-and-drag left or right anywhere on the timeline to adjust what time period is visible

You can move and adjust dates for a specific project block in a few steps:

Step 1: Click on the project block on the timeline to activate it, visible by coloured handles appearing at the start and end of the block

Step 2: To move it, click-and-drag on the project block to move it to a later / earlier start date

Step 3: To adjust the dates, drag on the handle at the start or end of the block to change the start or end date, respectively

You can zoom in or out to change the length of time visible at the top of the Roadmap's timeline

Option 1: Click on the name of a month at the top to zoom out to view the whole year; then click on a month's name to zoom into that specific month

Option 2: Use CTRL (Windows) / CMND (Mac) key + scrolling up or down on your mouse/trackpad to zoom in or out from the position of your cursor

You can combine zooming out with dragging the handles of an active project block to easily set the duration to more than a few weeks

You can adjust the order of the projects in the Roadmap by clicking the ... button at the top-right to open a pop-up menu listing the projects currently on your Roadmap

Click-and-drag on the handle on the left of the project name to move its position up or down

As you update the order of a project, the Roadmap will update in the background, no need to hit save!

3. Directly Creating New Projects

Follow the steps below to create a new project directly from the Roadmap view. This may be the case if you've not created a project under any of your spaces before or you've already added all existing projects to the Roadmap and want to make a new one.

Step 1: Click Add Project in the top-right corner

Step 2: Click Create Project, then select from the list of existing spaces in your organisation

If the space you want doesn't already exist, please visit your org's Overview page, create the relevant space and return to the Roadmap

Step 3: In the pop-up that appears, enter the name of the new project to be created under the selected space from the prev. step

You will be redirected to the new project once it's created, return to the Roadmap from the sidebar menu to continue

Step 4: Once you've returned to the Roadmap, click Add Project again and select the new project you just created

It will now be visible on the timeline, starting from the current date and set to 1 week duration, which you can then adjust using the options noted in 2. Adjusting Projects

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