🔔Your Inbox

Stay up-to-date on your Dework tasks


The in-app Inbox provides a handy place to view updates about tasks you're reviewing or contributing to across Dework.

Quickly check your Notifications

You can also check when you have notifications by clicking the 🔔 icon next to your profile at the bottom of the sidebar

This will open a pop-up that shows your recent notifcations along with a button to View All

You can even click through on diff. parts of the notification to get direct access to the organisation, project, task or other details, too.

Viewing Your Full Inbox

You can access your Inbox for in-app notifications from the menu side-bar when you're on the app Home page.

When you view your Inbox you'll be able to see unread notifications highlighted, with read notifications dimmed so it's easy to review only the latest updates as needed

If you aim for inbox zero and want to clear out notifications, you can archive them by clicking on the X icon on any notification.

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