📂Nested Workspaces

Nest Spaces and Projects under an existing Space for finer control over your tasks


If you would like to divide your space in to groups of tasks by sub-topic or category, you can create nested spaces or projects for each underneath a Space.

Creating Nested Spaces

Create a nested space/project underneath a specific Space by clicking the + icon next to the name of the space in the sidebar menu.

Nested spaces & projects can have their own permissions that add-on to the ones you have set up for the parent space.

You can also create a nested space/project for a Space directly from the Overview page of an existing Space by clicking Create and selecting the relevant type from the form that appears

Manage Nested Spaces & Projects

You can change if the project shows up in the Roadmap, needs to be archived or deleted, and add advanced permissions such as custom management by Discord role or user, via the Settings icon next to the name, click ⚙️ next to it

Moving a Task between Nested Spaces & Projects

Additionally, you can move a task between the nested spaces/projects using the ... dropdown at the top-right of the task pop-up

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