Create bounties out of Notion tasks in 1-click


You can now easily connect your Notion board of tasks with your existing Dework organisation so you can add bounties to the tasks, accept applications and pay contributors easily.

Setting up Notion Integration

Step 1: Go to Notion Integration under your Space Settings and click Connect Notion

Step 2: You will be redirected to Notion; select the Notion workspace at the top-right and then click Select pages to choose which pages you want to connect

Step 3: Select the page(s) you want to connect to Dework, then click Allow access

Step 4: You'll be redirected to Dework, where you can click Connect to setup the integration

Step 5: Select the Notion database(s) that you want to connect to the Space

Step 6: Then click Connect Notion

Step 7: You'll now see the connection to the database updated and can return to Notion

Success! You'll now see Setup Bounty on your Notion tasks that will allow you to create a bounty with 1-click!

Note: If you don't see the Setup Bounty Dework integration, make sure it isn't hidden under Properties by clicking the 👁️‍ icon next to it.

Create a bounty from a Notion task

Step 1: Click the Setup Bounty link on the task you want to create a bounty for

Step 2: You'll get redirected to Dework with the task pre-filled with details from Notion and the Add Bounty pop-up open for you to add your token(s)

Note: If you haven't setup a bounty before, go to Creating your first bounty

Step 3: Finalise the task with all the other details you need, then click Create

Step 4: Your task will be created, including a link back to the task's Notion Page

Success! Your Notion tasks are now updated to include the bounty and a link to Dework to track the applications & contributor payments!

View bounty from Notion task

Click the link next to the bounty to view the task on Dework

You'll be redirected to the task on Dework where you can view more information, and if you're a contributor then you can engage with the task as well!

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