Show Dework tasks on user profiles within your Coordinape circle

What is Coordinape?

Coordinape helps DAOs incentivise and reward contributors. Coordinape operates on the simple premise is that if you ask everyone in the community who is doing good work, their collective answers will give a better sense of where the value is and who should be most rewarded. Learn more at coordinape.com

Add Dework Connection

Step 1: Under your Circle's Admin settings, scroll down to the Integration section and click Add Dework Connection

Step 2: Select your organisation from the dropdown

Note: This step can only be done by a DAO Admin of the organisation

Step 3: [Optional] If you don't want to include tasks from all public spaces in your organisation, you can select multiple spaces using the second dropdown

Step 4: Once you've setup the connection the way you want, click Authorize

Step 5: The connection has been created! Click Back to Circle Overview to view your integration in Coordinape

Step 6: You'll now see your organisation and the number of spaces you optionally selected under the Dework Integration

Success! Return to your Circle and see the list of Dework tasks on the profiles

View Dework task from Coordinape Circle

Click on the name of a task to view the details on Dework

Note: Tasks that were reviewed by the user will end with (reviewer)

Success! You will see the details on Dework for the task you clicked in Coordinape

Remove a Dework connection

Step 1: Go to the Dework Integration section in your Circle's Admin settings & click 🗑️

Note: These steps can also be used to remove then add an updated integration

Step 2: Click on Remove Integration

Step 3: The page will update with the Dework integration removed

Success! Return to your Circle and you will no longer see Dework tasks on the profiles

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