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Exploring Bounties

Browse the list of open bounties from DAOs and projects across Dework

Open Bounties

Click on the tab to view a list of bounties available for you to Apply or Submit work to
Browse bounties and direct apply or submit work from the list
Search for bounties by keyword
Search by keywords to find specific tasks


Organise the bounties by date or by bounty amount
Filter by a relevant option


Filter bounties by global skills (DAOs select skills required for tasks to help you better match with them)
Select tags that match your interests
Select skills according to what you're proficient in and thhe list will automatically update with matching bounties
See the results update based on your selections

Discovering Open Tasks in Orgs

Organisation Overview

View the list of tasks available for you, as soon as you open an org's Overview page
An example of Open Tasks available on the Overview page of Nation3
Use the Skills filter to find tasks that match your interests
Click the Skills dropdown and then select a relevant skill
Use the Bounty option to update the order of tasks listed to match your preference
Click the Bounty dropdown and pick what sorting you prefer

Spaces Overview

You can also view tasks on a Space's Overview page which helps if you're looking for a specific category of tasks to choose from
An example of Open Tasks on the Overview page from DIA DAO's Growth & Promo Guild