🌟Reputation Staking

Reputation Staking allows highly skilled contributors to quickly stand-out among applicants and make the client-contractor matching process easier.

Reputation Staking is still in beta and a bit rough around the edges. We're actively iterating on the feature and your feedback is more than welcome!

How does Reputation Staking work?

Contributors have a Reputation Score that corresponds to how many Reputation Credits others have staked in them. Stakers could be past clients, other contributors or any community member.

By owning a stake in a contributor's pool, stakers are eligible to receive a share of that contributor’s revenue. This revenue share is variable and the contributor is free to set any percentage. Then, all revenue this contributor earns on Dework will be distributed to stakers based on their share of the staking pool.


Wraithers earned $5000 USD in the past month on Dework and set their revenue split to 5% (= $250 USD).

Wraithers’ staking pool is worth $10,000 USD. Lonis staked $2000 USD in Wraither’s pool so Lonis owns 20% of the pool and will get 20% of Wraither’s 5% revenue split, or $50 USD (20% of $250 USD).

As this is a beta version, the currency used for staking is Dework Reputation Credits. In the future, this will be replaced with USD.

How to gain Reputation?

The first step to be eligible for reputation staking is to enable revenue sharing. You can do that by going to your profile and clicking the edit icon next to "Revenue Share".

The higher your revenue share is, the more attractive your profile will be to stakers! To increase revenue share, you can either set a higher split % or increase your Dework earnings by completing more bounties.

1. The best way to get your first stakers is to invite people you’ve worked with in the past to vouch for you by staking their credits.

2. The second best way to make sure you’ve completed your Dework profile by adding Featured Work, social links and a description. Other people might then discover you and decide to vouch for you once they see your work.

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