💸Single Payment

Pay rewards for individual bounties using supported wallets


In each space on Dework you have the ability to pay a bounty reward with various methods. You can make a payment for contests, compensation etc. one after the other just by signing a transaction.

Current supported payment methods:


Note: These steps must be done with your wallet connected to the right account and network

Step 1: Tasks must be marked as Done to payout rewards. Then click Pay on a bounty card.

Step 2: You will see a prompt to setup your payment method if you haven't already (otherwise skip to Step 7). Then click Setup Payment, followed by Add Payment Method on the next page.

Step 3: Select the wallet type & network you want to pay on, then click Connect

Important: Ensure that you're selecting the same network as the token that was set for the task bounties you queued up

Step 4: It will show a success message when connected. Then you must click Add Payment Method to confirm the connected wallet.

Step 5: You can now return to your Board & click the Pay button on the card to trigger the transaction

Step 6: The final step is to confirm the transaction in the wallet you setup

Step 7: You will now see the task is under the Processing Payment section of Done

Success! Once the transaction is completed on-chain, you will see the Reward section on the task pop-up will show Completed. You can also click on View on explorer to see the transaction on-chain. Note: If there are no pending transactions, you won't see the Needs Payment, Processing Payment, or Paid sections, since all transactions would be paid.

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