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Roles Center

Feature specific Discord roles and let contributors apply to them

What is the Roles Center?

It helps organisations feature their various Roles so that potential contributors can learn what opportunities are available, and browse tasks associated with each role. Featured Roles with an application link and compensation rate will appear on the global Role Board.
Here's an example from DIA DAO -

Feature a Role

Step 1: Go to your Organisation Settings and under General click the checkbox for Enable Roles Center. A new "Roles" tab will appear in the sidebar.
Turn on the Role Center from Organisation Settings
Step 2: Click on Roles in the sidebar and you'll see a button to start adding roles
Visit the Roles center to get started
Step 3: Click the button and you'll see all your Dework Roles in a list for you to select from. If you've added new roles to your server just before turning on the Roles Center, click Fetch latest Discord roles.
Roles from your Discord will be listed when you click Add Role
Step 4: You'll see a form pop-up where you can describe the role for contributors
A form will appear for you to describe the role
Step 5: Select up to two Skills that match the role you're adding
Select up to 2 skills that fit the role
Step 6: Add any commitment required for the role to set the right expectations
Select if there's a commitment involved for the role
Step 7: Add a description for contributors to better understand the role & application process
Enter a description of the role and application process
Step 8: [Optional] You can set compensation in any token you want, and define if it's for a period of time or per task point that the contributor earns by completing tasks.
You can optionally add a compensation amount for a set period or per task point
Step 9: Add an application link that connects to the Get Role button that will be displayed on the role card. This way contributors can easily start the application process directly from Dework.
Enter an application link that will allow contributors to start the process
Success! Once you hit Ok it will save the role and display it in the Role Center!
Your role is now setup and contributors can click on Get this role to start applying

Discover tasks for specific Roles

Click on any role you see in the Role Center to load the detail page. Below the basic details of the role, there will be a listing of tasks which are gated for that role across the organisation.
Click on a role and you'll see a page listing all org tasks that are gated for that role