💰Creating your first bounty

Task + Reward = Bounty

How to create a task?

Note: Tasks can only be created by those who have the Manage Space or Create Tasks permissions on that space/project

Board view: Click the + icon at the top-right corner of any status column

List view: Click the + button next to the status name

You'll then see a pop-up that gives you options to customise your task and provide details on what is required for the contributor working on the task to produce.

This is what a helpful bounty looks like on Dework, at a glance, compared to a simple task.

Setting up a task as a bounty

Basic task inputs

It is recommended to include helpful details in the task to assist contributors to understand what is expected. You can make use of the following simple elements of a task to do that:

  1. Title: Action-oriented statement that simply outlines the expected outcome

  2. Permissions: Set how contributors engage, more details on Task Types & Assignee Gating

  3. Skills: Add these so contributors can filter for them while Exploring Bounties

  4. Due Date: Click ... then Set due date to set a deadline for the bounty

  5. Description: Markdown-supported input area for you to add all relevant details that will help a contributor produce a good result. Also supports image & file drag-and-drop

  6. Priority: Indicate the urgency of the task by setting this from a list of options

  7. Task Points: It's helpful to include task points as a measure of effort that it would take to complete this task; also helpful if you're pre-token and want to measure contributions easily

  8. Tags: Create your own tags to help a contributor identify at a glance what kind of task it is; it also helps when filtering tasks later

Adding a task reward

Step 1: To convert a task into a bounty so that it's easy for contributors to spot when there's a reward for completing work, click Add Bounty.

Step 2: You will then see a pop-up to customise your bounty type.

Step 3: Choose between:

  • Set amount: define the token & amount you want to payout

  • Open to bids: allow contributors to bid on how much they want to be rewarded for completing the bounty, with tokens that you set.

Note: You can learn more at Setting reward as Open to Bids

Step 4: Click on Add token from the dropdown. In future you will be able to select tokens that you previously added.

Step 5: To add a token you'll first have to select a network from the dropdown that you'll eventually payout through. Up to date network list is available on Payments.

Step 6: After you select a network you'll then be able to pick from the default tokens available for that network.

Note: If you want to first add a custom of your own token, go to Adding a custom token then continue.

Step 7: Select the desired token from the dropdown and click Add Token

Step 8: You can now enter the amount of the selected token you want to payout as a reward and click Save to add it to the task.

Note: If you would like to add more than one token as reward, then check out Using multi-token rewards

Step 9: [Optional] Before you click Save, if the option is available for the selected token, you could also tick the checkbox for Peg to USD. This will showcase the reward in USD for the chosen token amount based on the feeds we use.

Note: If your token is tracked on CoinMarketCap and you don't see this option, let us know by creating a suggestion.

Your bounty will now be ready to publish and you can click Create!

Note: To be able to payout rewards, you will have to setup a payment method before you can trigger the payments. More information available on Batch Payments.

Adding a custom token

This option allows you to add your own custom fungible tokens (ERC-20) and non-fungible tokens (ERC-721 & 1155) a.k.a NFTs, across supported networks.

Step 1: Select Add your own token from the dropdown

Step 2: Select what type of token it is, ERC-20, ERC-721 or ERC-1155, then enter the contract address and click Lookup.

Step 3: You'll be presented with the result of the lookup and can then click Add Token. To continue setting a task reward, return to Step 7 under Adding a task reward.

Setting reward as Open to Bids

This option is helpful when you either want contributors to decide their reward amount or if you have a budget range in mind but not a specific amount.

Step 1: After following till Step 2 of Adding a task reward you can click on Open to bids

Step 2: Here you can see what tokens contributors can use for their bid. You can add more supported tokens by clicking Add token. Continue with Adding a custom token for next steps and then click Save.

Using multi-token rewards

When you need the ability to pay one or more tasks in multiple tokens, it's easy to add and setup additional token options for the bounty in the same step as setting up the task reward.

Step 1: Create a new task and select Add Bounty

Step 2: Set up your first reward token as you did in Creating your first bounty

Step 3: Once you've set up the first token reward, click Add Another

Step 4: If you only have one token added as a reward option, select Add token in the dropdown

Step 5: Setup the other token option by selecting the network and entering the token info

Note: If you select different networks for each token, make sure you've setup its respective payment method, as noted in Batch Payments

Step 6: Once you've added the token, you can now select it from the reward option dropdown

Step 7: Set the reward amount for the second token and click Save

Note: If you'd like to add more than 2 tokens, you can click Add Another again and repeat steps 4-7

Step 8: Once saved, you will see the multiple token rewards set as the task bounty

It will be clearly visible to contributors and viewers of your tasks which bounties have multiple token rewards through the Reward field on the task card

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