👋Getting started on Dework

Based on who you are there are two ways to start using the app

Create a project

Watched the demo video on our docs home page already? Get started with your own org right away!

Step 1: Visit the Dework app at https://app.dework.xyz and click Connect in the top-right corner

Step 2: Create a profile on Dework using existing credentials with any of the options in the pop-up

Note: We recommend using Discord as it will pull your profile name and avatar so others can recognise you easily

Step 3: Click Authorise

Step 4: Once you have completed the onboarding flow you'll be presented with 3 options, select Setup your first DAO to start working with spaces & projects

Note: You can always create a new organisation on Dework by clicking the + icon in the left menu bar that lists your orgs

Step 5: You'll then see a pop-up automatically appear where you can enter the name of your organisation

Note: Once you have created your organisation you can also import from Trello, Notion or sync with GitHub by clicking Create Project on your org's Overview page

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